Celafen Cream, a new joint relief cream using the all-natural patented ingredient Celadrin and Menthol.

What is CELAFEN?
Celafen Cream is a natural chemical free formulation containing Celadrin, Menthol, Vitamin E anti-oxidants and Arnica in a natural formulation which has been refined to create a smooth non-greasy cream.

Celafen Capsules are smooth capsules containing 400mg Celadrin®. Scientists recommend that you take 800mg of Celadrin a day so for best effects it is recommended to take two capsules a day which will provide you with 800mg. Celafen Capsules are sold in tubs of 60 capsules to supply a whole month’s supply.

Celadrin® is an all natural proprietry blend of eight cetylated fatty acids. These include Myristoleic Acid (or Cetyl Myristoleate), Myristic Acid and Oleic Acid. Celadrin® has been scientifically shown to support joint health by providing lubrication to the cell membrane.

Celadrin® works in a similar but more dramatic way to EPA and DHA in fish oils. It works to decrease inflammatory responses, lubricate cell membranes and restore fluids that cushion bones and joints. It also assists in reducing cartilage breakdown.

It has been rigorously tested and has been found to be totally safe and well absorbed.

What is MENTHOL?
It is thought that when applied to the skin, menthol dilates blood vessels and selectively stimulates sensory nerve endings for the cold receptors to produce a sensation of coldness, which is followed by an analgesic effect.

50ml tube of Celafen cream costs £9.99
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